Build a Chicken Coop, Save a Chicken

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I am like any other American. I eat eggs and my dinner plate often includes some chicken. I would have never guessed that the eggs we eat and the chickens we get meat from would be kept in such horrible conditions.

Last year I heard about people building chicken coops in their backyards. I will admit I thought it was a little silly at first. Why would you want chickens in your backyard? But then I read about all of the health benefits of eggs from the chickens raised in backyards. It was some time later that I learned that not only were the eggs I got from my chickens tasted better and were better for me and my family, I discovered that they were better for the chickens too.

Did you know that chickens are smashed into small cages, appropriately called battery cages. Chickens kept in these conditions more than often lose their feathers because of the tight conditions According to a Canadian study, it is possible to build poultry houses that are more humane but the farmers often do not want to go to new practices. Another study found that chickens in these poultry houses "have significantly higher levels of stress measured by the hormones in blood".

In a state that supposedly has the highest animal safety and treatment standards. Hidden Cameras have caught cruel treatment in a California poultry hose. Keep in mind WE actually eat eggs and meat from these animals.

The poultry houses where we get eggs and meat from are dirty. There is poor air circulation. The chickens are treated badly and the physical effects are obvious. Feathers falling off, beaks damaged, skin rashes, broken bones, disease. Can you believe we eat these animals and their eggs?!?

So what can you do?

By now if you are like me and have even a tiny bit of compassion for living beings. You are probably disgusted right now. what can you do? You can do a few things. If you are of voting age, you can vote on local ordinances to stop this kind of treatment. You could also stop consuming products that support this kinds of treatment of chickens. The best option and (most fun!) is to build your own chicken coop right in your own backyard. You do not have to be an expert to raise chickens. They are very easy to care for and very inexpensive to maintain. Plus you get the added bonus of free eggs year around. And you will sleep easier knowing that the eggs you eat and give to your children are the most nutritious available, they come from a clean environment and they are from chickens that are treated humanly. Go ahead build a chicken coop

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Hi, my name is Chris. I am new to urban chicken farming and have just constructed a great chicken coop in my backyard with the help of my 4 year old daughter, Kayla. I owe a lot of my success to experienced chicken coop builders and am looking forward to watching my flock grow.

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Build a Chicken Coop, Save a Chicken

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This article was published on 2010/04/03