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Are you planning to get some hens for your small garden? You might be thinking about getting a house for them as well, like small chicken coops? There are some points that you should be aware of before you actually go and get yourself one such coop. Here I have mentioned what to look for when buying small chicken coops.

Let the Chickens Have Ample Space

If you want the chickens to be healthy and get you more eggs, you must ensure they have enough space. The coop should never be congested. Ideally a chicken should be provided with around 8 sq feet of space. Calculate accordingly considering the number of chickens you possess and purchase one of the small chicken coops for them.

Space is an important factor as it not only keeps the chickens happy, but adds to their health and productivity as well. Too much congestion will attract germs. The atmosphere inside the coop may even turn suffocative. This is not desirable at all.

Airy and Sunny Coops

Small chicken coops must have enough ventilation to let out the gases formed inside. Harmful gases like ammonia and carbon dioxide get formed in such coops and can harm your chickens. An airy coop will get rid off these gases and allow fresh air to enter the coop effectively. This can maintain a cleaner atmosphere inside the coop and keep the chooks healthy.

Enough sunlight should be able to enter these small chicken coops. This reduces the moisture collected inside during the wet rainy seasons, keeping the coop properly dry and clean. During the winter months sunlight can warm up the coop through the day and keep it warm during the night with the windows properly shut.

Ensure the Security

Try to look for the small chicken coops that are secured enough to keep rodents, cats, foxes and other predators at bay. Make sure the doors and windows of the coop can be locked properly and the coop is strong enough to resist the attacks from such animals.

Bear these points on your mind and you will definitely get yourself the best of the small chicken coops for your chooks to be happy!

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Small Chicken Coops

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This article was published on 2010/04/03